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Gadget Trends 2015? … so outdated!

Gadget Trends 2015? … so outdated!

Barcamps and Digital Media Culture conferences are always THE reason for attendees to show-off their hypercalifragilisticpointillistic newest gadgets. Wo is who defined by gadgetry. Well, … when working in this branch of futurology and trend research, some times you get far more ahead than the average devices of […]

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No Future Trends? Future has already begun.

No Future Trends? Future has already begun.

Future has already begun. All is foreseeable. There are no really new trends. … except 15 hidden Champions – see below! Seems to be as if at first time (?) in our near history we are living in an era where most innovations are foreseeable. Just because […]

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Autonomous Driving 2019 – Netherlands soon 5 Years ahead in Europe?

Google had a good media presence with its autonomous driving personal car. But as it seems, the Netherlands are going to prepare for a bigger leap towards Autonomous Driving in Europe. A 5-year-timeline and schedule is to be prepared – beginning with large scale testing very soon […]

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German Trend: Ordnung, Frugality – and no Experiments!

An important trend indicator for social trends and motivations of German citizens … are their consumer behavior as well as the way of accepting new and their approach to changes. Accepted and adopted is that which gets improvements in short time or nearly at once. Middle or […]

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Trendnote: Oldschool Tanzmusik

A short sunday note from here: Is Hiphop-like streetstyle music out – to be replaced by “oldschool” Hoedown/Squaredance? Seems to be real fun: In ‘New Classics’ trend the old fashion dances are coming back – swing, charleston and tango are already there, now let’s wait for the […]

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Enlightenment 2.0

Spiritual Technologies – A new Microtrend? Shakti Technology ( developed a magnetic field helmet, that is said to create spiritual experiences. Seems as this is only a small forerunner: Spiritual Technologies will be coming up for the coming years and near future. Maybe some of the global […]

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Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 at 5:10am
#Financial reboot still isn't over: disruptive changes by a still unknown "financial Uber" are still to be expected.
Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 at 5:01am
Erforderliche Veränderungen bei #McKinsey - Disruptionen für klassische Beratungen kommentiert die WirtschaftsWoche:
Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 at 4:36am
RT @BdzvPresse: Never trust grown-ups who want to sell their glossaries. No youth in his right mind would use merkeln ...…